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del credere commission is calculated on

Accounting For Consignment

Prepare Consignment account in the books of Bharat Store. This is prepared by the vendor and is shipped to the client.1. The Statement which the selling agent prepares and submits to his principal known as account sale.2. The assertion of account is prepared to allow the client to check the account together with his own ledger and to examine its accuracy.2.

  • Anil bought 70 mobile set @ Rs 4,000 every set in cash and 20 mobile set Rs 4,200 every offered on credit score.
  • Anil obtained 6% common fee and 3% delcredere fee on credit gross sales.
  • Rakesh paid bills Rs 2,800 and Anil paid clearing expenses Rs 1,200.
  • Prepare necessary accounts within the books of consigner and consignee.
  • Rakesh consigned a hundred cellular set @ Rs three,000 each set sent to Anil.
  • Selling expenses per cellular set Rs 25 paid.

Mayank Radio Co. offered seven hundred radio @ Rs 750 per radio. In course of transit 50 radio damaged and agent claim to Insurance Company.
The M Coal Co. consigned to Mr. Rakesh Sales Ltd. 1,000 quintals of coal at bill price of Rs 40 per quintal. The firm paid Rs zero.50 per quintal for loading and Rs three.50 per quintal for railway freight, an account sales was received from Mr. Rakesh Sales Ltd. exhibiting 800 quintals coal sold at Rs 60 per quintal.
del credere commission is calculated on

(aa Financial Accounting Basics

In gross sale, we are going to add each money and credit score gross sales. If consignee will get this sort of fee, he might be responsible for paying the bad debt to consignor.
The agent who guarantees the solvency of the patrons is called a del credit score agent. When of fee is given, the consignee undertakes upon himself the chance of any unhealthy debts arising out of the credit score. A del credere agent solely becomes liable to pay the principal after the customer defaults on cost and isn’t responsible for any other points that may arise between buyer and seller. lt is calculated on whole sales until there’s an agreement between the consignor and the consignee to provide it on credit score gross sales only.

Rbse Solutions For Class 12 Accountancy Chapter eight Consignment Accounts

This is shipped to purchaser monthly or quarterly or half-yearly.3. The account sale is distributed by the agent after promoting the whole goods or periodically.four. Only the amount sent, the quantity acquired arid the stability of quantity to be paid is shown.four. Under this, the bills incurred by the agent and his fee is deducted from the quantity of sale and the amount sent to the principal by draft is stated.5. Statement of account is a replica of the debtor’s account in the vendor’s ledger.5.
If the agent has to be made accountable, he must be paid on further fee, called Del Credere Commission. For such a fee, which is payable on complete gross sales, the agent might be answerable for any dangerous debt, However, if the amount can’t be collected because of any dispute, the agent is not going to be liable. If any advance is made by the consignee in the type of cash or bills of trade, then the identical will also be adjusted towards the proceeds obtained from the goods offered. A Del Credere Agent not solely establishes privity of contract between the principal and the third celebration but also guarantees to the principal the due performance of the contract by the third celebration.

What Is Account Sales In Consignment?

R and S entered into a three way partnership whereby R would make all purchases and S would effect sales for which S is entitled to a commission of 10% on gross sales. 80,000 and drew a invoice on S for the amount which is discounted for Lkr.
Mr. Bharat of Alwar despatched goods to Kapil of Udaipur for Rs 1,00,000 on consignment and paid sundry expenses Rs 20,000. Kapil paid wages and cartage Rs four,000 and godown hire Rs 3,000. Kapil offered all the goods for Rs 1,60,000 in money. 5% commission on sales is payable to consignee. Prepare Journal Entries is the books of consigner and consignee and likewise prepare needed ledger accounts.
the professional forma bill was made to show a revenue of 25 % on price. Bravia bought a part of the consignment for Rs. at a price of 10 % over invoice value, and in addition spent Rs. on warehouse and Rs. 3000 on promoting. Bravia is entitled to a fee beaxy custody of 5 % on gross sales and 20 % of the web profit after charging such commission on gross sales. Kamal Traders consigned 2000 vegetables oil tin @ Rs 1,four hundred per tin at value to Himanshi Traders and paid railway freight Rs 20,000.
A sum of Rs 10,000 is obtained from insurance coverage firm as a claim. Agent took delivery of remaining items and paid to Rs 19,000 for octroi and Rs 3 del credere commission is calculated on,000 as selling expenses. He sold 1,seven hundred tins @ Rs 1,500 per tin and charged Rs 20 per tin offered as commission.

Expenses Incurred By Consignee But Are Not Reimbursable

Mr. Rakesh of Jaipur appoints Mr. Anil of Bhilwara as his selling agent. Rakesh consigned one hundred cell set @ Rs three del credere commission is calculated on,000 each set despatched to Anil. Rakesh paid bills Rs 2,800 and Anil paid clearing charges Rs 1,200.
Anil sold 70 cellular set @ Rs four,000 each set in money and 20 mobile set Rs four,200 each sold on credit. Selling bills per cellular set Rs 25 paid. Anil obtained credere commission is calculated on 6% basic commission and 3% delcredere commission on credit score gross sales. Prepare needed accounts in the books of consigner and consignee.
Sales expenses Rs 1,600, insurance Rs 200, brokerage @ 2% and commission @ 5%. The agent remitted the amount payable by a financial institution draft and reported a shortage of 20 quintals of coal on the entire consignment. Prepare the required accounts in the books of M Coal firm.
To enhance the sale and to encourage the consignee to make credit sales, the consignor offers an extra commission commonly trender trading known as del-credere commission. Generally, it is calculated on complete sales i.e. sum of cash sales and credit sales.
Chandra Cycle Store offered 540 cycles @ Rs 280 per cycle. His promoting expenses Rs 1,250 and he remitted the quantity due by a financial institution draft. The Balance stock was valued at 80% due to damaged caused by rains. Prepare the mandatory ledger accounts in the books of the each parties.
del credere commission is calculated on
Rajasthan Store offered items Rs forty,000 on credit score and Rs 24,000 for money. Stock of bill value Rs 16,000 stays unsold. 5% fee on total sales and 3% delcredere fee on credit sales is payable to consignee.
Prepare Consignment account and Abnormal Loss account within the books of consignor. Chandan rendered to their principal an account sale exhibiting that 60 instances had been offered for Rs 14,000 and paid brokerage at 1.5%. The agent after deducting the bills incurred by him and his fee at 5% on gross sales proceeds, remitted the steadiness due by bank draft. Record the above transactions in the ledger of both parties.
del credere commission is calculated on


Value of 1 set is being dangerous out of credit gross sales. Bharat retailer consigned goods worth Rs eighty,000 at bill worth to Rajasthan Store. He paid carriage and wages Rs 500, freight Rs 800 and insurance Rs 600. The agent paid octroi and freight Rs 200, godown rent Rs 500 and hearth insurance Rs 500.
On 1 January, 2015, he had with him a stock of Rs 20,000 on consignment. During the year ended 31, December, 2015 cash gross sales were Rs 1,20,000 and credit sales Rs 1,05,000.