About Us

Michigan Property Management Solutions, LLC is a family owned and operated business located in Shelby Township, Michigan, that is providing affordable, quality, and up-to-date rental homes in the Macomb County area.

Founder, Rich, focuses on his own experiences.

“I only have homes that I would live in myself. It is that simple. They have to be in an area that I would want to raise my own children in. Location. Location. Location. That is why I only have homes in a very few select communities. These communities are the same neighborhoods where I grew up, and these are the same neighborhoods where I am raising my own children now.”

Interior Designer & Co-Founder, Jennifer, focuses on what she has learned.

“Through my experience as an Interior Designer, I have learned what matters most to those that are looking for a home to live in. It is just that, they are actually just looking for a home. A place to hang your hat, and kick back in the recliner after work. It may be a house, but we realize and do not forget that we actually rent someone’s home. I believe to turn a house into a home, it is all in the details. As an Interior Designer I have learned to incorporate all of those small details into our homes. Whether it is just a quick touch-up, or if it is a complete remodel. Those small details transform a house, into your home.”

Focusing primarily on the communities of Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, and
Shelby Township. These communities provide the best city services in the metro area. If
schools are a concern for you and your loved ones, be assured that these communities do
deliver top-notch public schooling. Also, they are all very well known for their police and
fire protection.